Rachel Precious: From Oyster Farmer To Oyster Catering

Rachel Precious is the owner of Precious Oyster Catering located in Connecticut.  Precious Oyster’s redefines the raw bar experience by highlighting the art of shucking and the beauty of ocean’s bounty.  Rachel is a professional when it comes to oyster knowledge and catering especially since she was a once a wedding planner and a oyster farmer.  I hope you enjoy this episode and she even has a few questions for me at the end.   



Kevin Joseph: International Oyster Day

Today we meet Mr. Kevin Joseph founder and owner of Empire Oyster.  He lets us know all about International Oyster day held on NOvember 18 and why this is a more logical day instead of National oyster day held on August 5th.

Kevin explains the coined term “Mermmelier” and what it really means to have this label.  Learn all these things and more in the newest episode from the Oyster Ninja.



The newest episode from The Oyster Ninja Podcast!

Who is This Oyster Ninja???

Hello and thank you for checking out “Thoughts From The Ninja” blog.  My name is Gardner Douglas and I’m just your average “JOE” who happens to be a Nationally Ranked Oyster Shucker and ARMY veteran.  You can find me “Making Oysters Great Again” all over the DMV as your local shucker for hire.  You can also find me talking about my world and the people who drop in on The Oyster Ninja Podcast.

“Making Oysters Great Again” is bigger than Donald Trumps slogan re-worded.  To a humble shucker from the Eastern Shore of Virginia it’s a olive branch to bring everyone together with bivalves.  Oysters have placed me in conversations and rooms I would’ve never dreamed of.  I’ve took selfies with governors, shucked for the Obama’s, and gave a 18 month old her first oyster.  Some would say “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” and that was my thought process coming back from Afghanistan. 

You don’t need to be a oyster expert to follow along on this journey.  This blog is about oysters but it also will include the discussion of raw bars, foodie festivals, non-profits, etc.  Be prepared to read about the worlds fastest Oyster Shucker and the next week about Ocean Acidification.  You don’t need to be a oyster expert but I hope you are willing to ride the wave.  Again thanks for taking time out to read this first post and I hope you enjoy the journey.