So You Want To Be A Marine Biologist

Meet Kara Muzia podcast host of “So You Want To BE A Marine Biologist”

Kara Muzia is an marine biologist, ocean enthusiast and host of “So You Want To Be A Marine Biologist”. “So You want to Be A Marine Biologist” is a popular podcast in the aquaculture and marine science community. Kara chats with people who are working hard to protect our oceans and the creatures within it. She also breaks down scientific jargon and important research concepts down into bite sized chunks. She shows the real side of being a marine biologist, what it takes to get there, and what it takes for all of us to help protect our oceans. I’m so excited for you guys to not only meet Kara but go listen to her podcast. Kara is super interesting with a background in all things science and even helped with putting oysters back in the bay.


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